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New song

2009-12-25 05:03:42 by DJ-STump

It'd be amazing to get feedback and ratings on my new song <3

CS:S people!

2009-02-14 03:46:23 by DJ-STump

So is there anybody that plays some CS:S? Looking for people to add and befreind and play!

new song

2008-11-04 21:18:57 by DJ-STump

im getting soooooo lazying and not having anytime to make or even upload songs so much


i give u new song! so go rate and review and be happy

Ok seriusly...

2008-08-17 21:35:32 by DJ-STump

im getting really pissed off at these ppl who decide to vote really bad on music....

they dont even leave a review y ... they just decide to vote 1 or a 0 just to be dicks....

it would be nice if they wouldnt do tht..


2008-08-12 02:06:26 by DJ-STump

ive been havin issues with releasing anything....and im being lazy and not makin anythingg really haha... AND with MB (marching band) tomarrow its not ganna get any easier... *sigh* life aint swell *falls asleep*

tell me if u

2008-01-21 21:10:32 by DJ-STump

want me to make a song at 550 BPM just cause im soo bored and hardly have any ideas anymore

tell me if u


2007-10-10 23:26:40 by DJ-STump

Im not completely familiar with the new layout to well yet....does anyone no how to change you display name?