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Ok seriusly...

2008-08-17 21:35:32 by DJ-STump

im getting really pissed off at these ppl who decide to vote really bad on music....

they dont even leave a review y ... they just decide to vote 1 or a 0 just to be dicks....

it would be nice if they wouldnt do tht..


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2008-08-17 21:54:53

LOL dem stupid 1-bombers.

DJ-STump responds:

exactly... not only tht but then they end up being like lvl10 or somthing.... and it brings it down a SHIT load


2008-08-30 20:14:49

I know, those zero-bombers usually just go to the top of the chart and vote 0 to lower the's very irritating.

DJ-STump responds:

yea like my most recent song.. its not tht bad and it got droped to a 1.26 by som1 with heavy voting power.... it pissed me off pretty bad